Polinate Games & Guilds to Support Ambitious Projects to Raise Funds – Gamer’s Zone

Undoubtedly, Play-to-earn has dominated the industry of gaming in recent times. Crowdfunding platforms for games and guilds are the most efficient approach for individuals to enter into gaming investments, and explore virtual economies where assets are enhanced to maximize utility. It is estimated that over $34 billion in funds have been raised worldwide employing crowdfunding […]

The Top 5 Metaverse Coins to Keep an Eye on in 2022

For those looking to invest in the Metaverse, the easiest option is to purchase any of the top crypto Metaverse coins, as they all have multi-billion dollar valuations and have a great long-term outlook. The Sandbox (SAND) – $4.4 billion The Sandbox is the leading crypto Metaverse coin on the market right now. Axies are […]